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As one of the most influential automakers in existence, Ford and its inventory of spectacular vehicles have shaped the industry, transforming the way we travel and adding intense value to the driving experience. If you’re interested in an exceptional Ford model, partnering with Kings Ford, the top Beckett Ridge Ford dealership, is a must! Not only does our knowledgeable and friendly team have what it takes to guide you to the right new or used model, but we share a passion for the Ford name that can’t be ignored. Whether you want to haul heavy loads across the job site, venture out onto the trails, or simply navigate through traffic, there’s a Ford model that’s designed to elevate your ride. From some of the newest and most impressive models on the market to high-quality and affordable pre-owned options, we have exactly what you need when your travels are a priority, all emblazoned with the iconic Ford name.

A silver 2021 Ford Escape Titanium is shown driving on a city street.

Find All the Latest Ford Models Here

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, one that’s filled with the latest tech and safety features, modern design, and the newest features on the market, Ford showcases a lineup of new vehicles that will undeniably impress you. Customers seeking out new models are looking for vehicles that offer all the latest bells and whistles, and they also want to have the peace of mind that their vehicle is covered under warranty. If this is you, then you’ll be happy to know that with the selection of new models in the Ford lineup, there’s something for every driver.

Many drivers are searching for easy-to-manage vehicles that also showcase ample space inside, which makes the SUV inventory exceptionally appealing to our Beckett Ridge customers. From compact models to full-size haulers, Ford has options so that you’re able to find the size and capabilities that work for you. Perhaps what the brand is most known for is its selection of dutiful pickup trucks equipped to handle some of the heaviest loads and take on some of the most challenging tasks in your day. For some, it may be an electric vehicle that has captured your attention, and Ford has a selection of EVs that won’t disappoint, or maybe, you’ve always dreamed of sliding behind the wheel of a sports car. Ford has those too…all brand-new.

Ford has an inventory of vehicles that perform far above many others on the road, which is why we strive to keep our lot stocked with plenty of options. This way, you’ll be able to fine-tune your search to get a new car that appeals to your needs. Plus, our team, with all of the experience we have in the industry, is fully prepared to be of assistance. If you’re on the lookout for a new Ford, you’ll make the right choice when you team up with us.

A family is shown near the rear liftgate of a grey 2021 Ford Explorer.

Find Many Amazing Used Model Options Here

The world of car buying has seen a significant shift in recent years, with more drivers interested in used options over brand-new models. After all, you’re able to take advantage of several benefits when buying used, especially when price is on your mind. You’re also able to choose from a greater number of vehicles, ranging in price, size, mileage, features, and more, so that you’re able to locate the vehicle that’s perfect for your travels. Buying used allows you to get a lot more for your hard-earned money, which is why more drivers are choosing to go this route with their purchase.

In addition to the exceptional selection and the reasonable prices, buying used allows you to shop by feature so that you’re able enjoy a vehicle that’s loaded with all of the aspects that are important to you. Maybe a family-sized hauler with a rear seat entertainment system is on your mind, or maybe a powerful pickup loaded with advanced trailering tech has you intrigued. This may not be in your budget if you were to buy new, but when you buy a model a couple of years older, you’re able to enjoy these features for less.

Buying used also allows you to save on insurance rates, as well as dealership fees, and you’re also able to take advantage of special warranties for qualifying vehicles. You get a lot more when you choose a used vehicle, which is why Kings Ford is on a mission to keep our lot continuously stocked with top options from Ford, as well as other legendary brands in the industry. The options you’ll have with us prove that we’re different from the rest, and when you’re able to focus on what you truly want, you’re able to have an experience that’s above and beyond the rest.

A blue 2020 Ford Expedition is shown after leaving a Beckett Ridge Ford dealership.

Why Are We the Best Dealer for Beckett Ridge Drivers?

So, what makes our dealership the best choice for the residents of Beckett Ridge? Well, it all starts with a great selection of vehicles that appeal to what our community needs. From models that are perfect for our ever-changing weather of Ohio to options that make the commute into places like Mason, Fairfield, or the heart of Cincinnati easy and comfortable, there’s something for every Beckett Ridge driver here. As we mentioned above, we work diligently to keep our lot stocked with new and used models so that we’re able to appeal to all of our customers’ needs. We also prioritize affordability, with plenty of our models appealing to the cost-conscious driver. Our finance team also works with you to craft a payment plan that works with your budget because every Beckett Ridge driver deserves to drive a reliable car.

Our team is also what sets us apart from other area dealerships, as we’re staffed with helpful professionals who understand the unique needs of our customers. We listen to your needs and guide you to the right option for you so that you’re satisfied with your purchase. We gain your trust by offering a transparent and hassle-free environment, providing ample time for our customers to find what they’re looking for on our lot. We don’t rush you with the process because we know how important it is to find the right car for your particular journey.

All in all, our dealership is different from the rest because we put our customers first. We work to keep our lot stocked with the best options for our area drivers, from strong work trucks to dutiful commuters and everything in between. When you want an experience that’s better than the rest, Kings Ford is confident that you’ll have it with us.


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