2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid

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  • Overview

    A black 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is angled left.

    When you hear the word "hybrid," odds are good that the first thing to come to your mind is a small, commuter-style vehicle such as the Ford Fusion. However, as more and more people become focused on taking better care of the environment, we are seeing a larger selection of hybrid vehicles. We've gone from hybrid sedans and commuter cars to hybrid crossovers and SUVs, and now we are beginning to enter a whole new era - the age of the hybrid truck. Ford is working to revolutionize the driving industry with its brand new 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid.

    You read that right. Ford has introduced its new F-150 Hybrid, and this truck is amazing. It combines premium safety features and exceptional fuel economy, all without compromising on performance and capability. Even five years ago, nobody would have believed you if you'd told them there would be a hybrid truck that has more than competitive horsepower, torque, and towing capability. Now, the future has arrived.

    First off, note that you can put this engine into any and all of the F-150 trim levels as long as it has a CrewCab body. This is important because the great things that a hybrid engine offers to truck owners will not be exclusive to the high-end trims. If you buy an F-150 for working in and don't need super luxury features, that will not limit your ability to take advantage of all the PowerBoost Hybrid engine has to offer.

    The new 2021 F-150 Hybrid is science and technology at its finest. Now you can have your big rugged truck and still feel good about taking your ecological footprint. When you consider the fact that you get all this power without hurting your pocketbook, committing to the F-150 Hybrid is a serious no brainer.

    24 (combined)

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  • Efficiency

    A silver 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is shown from the front driving through snowy mountains.

    The 2021 Ford F 150 Hybrid gets a jaw-dropping 24 MPG. That's 24 MPG in the city and 24 MPG on the highway. Typically a full-size pickup does not make it much above 20 MPG in the city miles, and many trucks get a whole lot less. For city mileage, the 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid is the best truck in its class. If you drive in the city a lot, do yourself a favor and get the PowerBoost Hybrid engine.

    City driving is where the vast majority of drivers spend their time. Even if you are on a highway as part of your commute, you are probably still spending the beginning and end of your commute in the city driving. Because of the speed at which stop and go traffic tends to travel, the electric part of those engines get used way more often than the gas parts. This is one of the big reasons hybrids have done so well in the city. 24 MPG compared to the possible alternatives is a big difference. Your wallet will thank you.


    As you can see, the 2021 F-150 Hybrid gets roughly 25% more fuel mileage than its gasoline-powered counterparts. That also means you are able to go 25% farther before needing to fuel up, and those savings add up real fast. Furthermore, since the Hybrid model gets consistent gas mileage from city to highway, your numbers will always be consistent and predictable when you're calculating fuel and travel costs, which will help with budgeting.

    Because the 3.5L PowerBoost full hybrid V6 engine combines the power of electricity and gasoline, gas mileage does not drop just because you're driving through the city. Now you no longer have to worry about wasting a whole bunch of gas because you had to sit idly at yet another stoplight. The Hybrid gets better gas mileage than any other truck in the F-150 lineup, including the diesel engine, so you no longer need to let fuel costs be a determining factor in the decision to buy a diesel truck or not.

  • Performance

    A blue 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is shown driving up a steep road in the mountains past mossy rocks.

    Just because the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid gets gas mileage closer to an SUV than a pickup truck, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice performance or capability in order to get those fuel savings. The F-150 Hybrid still boasts up to 12,700 lbs of towing capacity. That puts this powertrain on par with most other pickup trucks, including the non-hybrid versions of the F-150, so you can still treat your truck exactly how it's supposed to be treated - like a truck.

    Ready For Adventure

    Want to take a trip to the lake or go camping in the woods? Your F-150 Hybrid can handle your boat, your RV camper, or your trailer with off-roading toys. Or if you'd rather leave your off-roading toys at home, the F-150 Hybrid can double as an off-roading adventure vehicle all by itself.

    You can still enjoy several selectable driving modes that can enable your truck to safely navigate snowy, muddy, and even rocky terrain. You won't ever feel like you're driving a city-dwelling hybrid when you're behind the wheel of the F-150 Hybrid. This truck has gone through extensive testing just like all other F-150 trucks do, and it is just as rugged and tough as the other F-150s are.

    Just Check the Numbers

    Moving on from towing capacity, let's take a look at the torque and horsepower your 2021 F-150 Hybrid can provide. The PowerBoost engine generates 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque, making it the most powerful engine available in the 2021 F-150 lineup. Again, even though the F-150 went hybrid doesn't mean you'll be sacrificing the performance your pickup truck deserves. With 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque, this truck right on par with its competitors and ahead of most of them.

    With that kind of power, you can rest assured that your truck will not struggle to get up to speeds quickly when merging onto the interstates. And you can definitely trust that your truck will be able to handle any towing job you decide to throw at it without being dragged down. The 2021 F-150 Hybrid is still as rugged and tough a truck as they come, and you know it's going to get you where you want to go.

  • Features

    A close up is shown of the tailgate power station on a 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid.

    There is one unique feature that the PowerBoost Hybrid engine gives you over the other F-150 truck engines available. This is a big one for people who plan on using this truck as a work truck - the F-150 Hybrid also doubles as a mobile generator. This feature, dubbed Pro Power Onboard, is only available on the 2021 F-150 Hybrid.

    Thanks to the large batteries in the hybrid, now you can plug things straight into the bed instead of having to haul a generator around with you. While many gas trucks now offer 115-volt outlets, you have to idle the engine to make this work, and you can only get fairly low wattage from the system. But with the PowerBoost Hybrid engine, you get a standard 2.4 kW system, and you can even upgrade to a 7.2 kW system with a 240-volt NEMA outlet.

    Your Mobile Workshop

    Can we say mobile welding shop? Bring the corded power tools or charge stations for the cordless ones because we don't even need to idle the truck to charge and run them. How awesome is that? Speaking of your truck acting as a workshop, let's look at other important parts of a functional worksite, such as lighting. The F-150 Hybrid has 360-degree lighting included in the bed, so you can work through the night with your F-150. These lights are controllable both inside the truck as well as with your phone using the FordPass App.

    If you are using your F-150 as a workshop, you will also enjoy the tailgate workstation. This workstation has features such as a flat surface, which is the perfect space for writing, measuring, and cutting. It also has a grained texture to help avoid slippage and is integrated with useful tools, including rulers, a mobile device holder, a cup holder, and small item storage. Additionally, each F-150 model also comes standard with clamp pockets and tailgate tie-downs to keep stuff in the position you need them to be in.

    Ready For Anything

    Whether your job takes you to a worksite every single day, or you enjoy hobby level projects during the nights and weekends, the 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid has got your back. No longer do you need to worry about making sure the worksite you're going to has all the accommodations you will need because you'll be bringing them with you. The best part is, you'll never leave home without an important feature again.

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