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    At Kings Ford, we realize that the decision to purchase a vehicle is a big one. Maybe you’re looking to invest in a new model year offering, perhaps even one that you’ve had your eyes on for some time. Then again, you might understand the value of buying pre-owned, reaffirmed by your partnership with a trusted resource like Kings Ford. Either way, we’re glad that you’ve decided to find out for yourself why we’re considered one of the premier dealerships around. But for those Ford customers interested in certified pre-owned Cincinnati, OH has decided time-and-time-again, that Kings Ford ranks as the premier destination. And if you haven’t considered a certified pre-owned vehicle, you might just be missing out on some incredible value.

    But Isn’t ‘Certified Pre-Owned’ Just Another Word for ‘Used’?

    A common misconception, but it really couldn’t be farther away from the truth. While we at Kings Ford are proud to offer the highest quality used vehicles, certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles represent a unique value proposition, deserving of anyone’s consideration.

    And while most every automaker offers a CPO program that qualified dealerships can participate in, we are proud to offer Ford Certified vehicles, recognizing that not all CPO programs are created equal. So with that in mind, let’s talk about what qualifies a used vehicle for Ford Certified Pre-Owned Status and what are the benefits.

    Ford Certified Pre-Owned: Qualifications

    As with any CPO program, Ford offers several assurances that help to set qualified pre-owned vehicles apart from traditional used inventories. And what makes a vehicle qualified? Well, it has to meet some very specific criteria before it can even be considered for CPO status.

    To qualify as a Certified Pre-Owned, a Ford vehicle must be less than six model years in age and have been driven fewer than 80,000 miles. Simple enough, right? But it must also have a clean vehicle history report, assuring that it had never been involved in major accidents or received significant structural or mechanical repair. Right off the bat, that’s a lot of added assurance in terms of both lifespan and integrity; certainly, more than you’d expect from most used vehicles.

    But there’s more: consider the fact that qualified vehicles still need to pass a rigorous 172-point inspection, performed by Ford-certified inspections. This is designed to ensure that the vehicle meets all factory specifications and, any major components or operational systems that don’t will be repaired, refurbished, or replaced. Needless to say, all of the above contributes to create a more reassuring used vehicle purchase. But that assurance is enhanced even further now that the vehicle qualifies for Ford Certification.

    Ford Certified Pre-Owned: Benefits

    As if all the above didn’t already provide certain assurances as to the value and reliability of a Ford CPO vehicle, the appeal of added warranty coverage certainly helps to sweeten the deal.

    Consider for a moment, the addition of a comprehensive limited warranty covering more than 1,000 of the vehicle’s components. Good for 12-months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) it certainly helps our Kings Ford customers to feel better about buying CPO. But in addition to that, the inclusion of a powertrain limited warranty good for 7-years of 100,000 miles certainly sweetens the deal. All in all, it’s an amazing amount of assurances that help to differentiate CPO vehicles from other used inventory.

    If you’re interested – or have any questions, be it about our Certified Pre-Owned inventory, other products or the services that we offer, we hope that you’ll contact us here, or over the phone at (513) 683-0220.

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