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  • Overview

    A silver 2020 Ford F-250 Limited is angled left.

    The Ford F-Series of trucks has been the top-selling pickups and overall vehicles on the road for decades. An important component of that series is the Super Duty models that are designed to get an incredible amount of work done. The Super Duty 250 and 350, along with the 450, set the mark for what a powerful truck can be, and every other manufacturer struggles to keep up. The 2020 Super Duty series will continue that trend with some of the most powerful engines on the road and performance that will shame all other contenders.

    Although we still do not have all the specific details about the 2020 Super Duty series, there is enough information available so far to get us excited. Perhaps the biggest feature people are talking about is the option for a new 7.3L V8 gas engine. While the 2020 Super Duty will still start with a 6.2L engine, and the option for an improved 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel is there, this new gas engine provides another option for people that need more power but do not want to go diesel.

    The 10-speed automatic transmission and improved safety and towing features will make the 2020 Super Duty series the finest, most powerful trucks on the road. Here at Kings Ford, we have seldom been more excited for a vehicle year as we are for the 2020 models that will be hitting our lot very soon. Whether you are looking for a 2020 Super Duty F-Series pickup or you want to check out the updated Shelby GT500 Mustang, we have all the information and details you need. Come visit us at Kings Ford to see these amazing vehicles for yourself and learn more about the trucks that will be ruling the road for years ahead.

    7.3-Liter V8

    Gas Engine

    6.7-Liter Power Stroke® V8

    Diesel Engine

    10-Speed TorqShift®


    Starting at

    Est. $34,000

  • Performance

    A white 2020 Super Duty Ford F-450 is towing a trailer.

    Heavy-duty pickup trucks, just like high-performance sports cars, often live and die by their engines. While a sports car needs a powerful engine to reach high speeds and jump off the line quickly, a heavy-duty truck needs incredible power to offer high towing and payload capacities, pull a lot of weight uphill, and generally just get everything you need done. In the past, Ford Super Duty models have always been well known for the raw power of their engines, but the 2020 Super Duty pickups are pushing that to a whole new level.

    The starting engine in the 2020 Super Duty trucks is pretty much the same as it was last year: a 6.2L V8 gas engine that can get a lot of work done and is quite impressive in its own right. From there, you can upgrade to a monstrous 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine that is absolutely one of the most powerful engines on the road. While this is similar to the engine in last year’s model, several upgrades have been made to ensure even greater reliability and performance. For example, the Turbo Diesel has been updated with a new fuel injection system and a turbocharger designed to improve performance and make it feel even better than before when driving.

    Perhaps the biggest feature in the 2020 Super Duty trucks is the all-new 7.3L V8 gas engine that will be available in all Super Duty models, including the F-250. This is a fantastic addition as it provides the perfect option for anyone that wants more power than the standard 6.2L V8 engine can provide, without choosing a diesel engine. Both this engine and the Turbo Diesel will come paired with an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission, providing a greater driving experience than ever before.

    While exact horsepower and torque numbers have not been released yet for these updated and new engines, Ford has made a few comments that tease what to expect. We know the 7.3L V8 will set new standards for what a gas engine in a heavy-duty pickup can do, and the 6.7L Turbo Diesel will be more powerful than ever before. For comparison, the 2019 model of the Turbo Diesel can provide up to 450 hp and 935 lb-ft of torque – so expect to see greater numbers, perhaps more than 1,000 lb-ft of torque is possible.

  • Towing and Payload

    Workers are loading a blue 2020 Super Duty Ford F-250 at a construction site.

    With heavy-duty pickups like the 2020 Super Duty series from Ford, towing and payload capacity are two of the most important features. After all, when you choose this kind of truck you usually do so because you need to get a lot of work done. Whether that means pulling a loaded trailer behind you or piling a bunch of lumber onto the bed, your truck should always be able to deliver. Unfortunately, Ford has not yet released specific numbers about the towing and payload capacities of the 2020 Super Duty trucks, but we do have enough information to make some predictions.

    For example, we know that the entire body of the 2020 Super Duty pickups will be made from a high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, the frame is made of more than 95% high-strength steel, which provides you with a fantastic combination of low weight and strength. This, paired with the incredible engines that will be available this year, tells us that we should expect greater towing and payload capacities than ever before.

    Consider this, the maximum towing capacities for 2019 models of Ford Super Duty trucks were 18,500 lbs for the F-250, up to 32,000 lbs for the F-350, and up to 35,000 lbs for the F-450. The maximum payloads for the 2019 models were 4,270 lbs for the F-250, up to 7,640 lbs for the F-350, and up to 6,190 lbs for the F-450. Ford has said that the 2020 Super Duty trucks will beat these numbers, so we expect to see big things from them this year.

  • All-New Chassis Cab

    A black 2020 Super Duty Ford F-600 is at a construction site near Cincinnati, OH.

    The 2020 Super Duty trucks from Ford are enough to get excited about already, but for some people, they are not the best option. A lot of businesses need trucks that can do a tremendous amount of work, with a platform other than a standard truck bed. Fortunately, in 2020, Ford will not leave these people behind as they are offering an all-new F-600 Super Duty Chassis Cab that is the perfect frame on which to build any kind of truck you need.

    These 2020 Super Duty Chassis Cabs will give you all the power and sophistication of the standard Super Duty models, with a platform that is ideal for many different trades and industries. Both the upgraded 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine and the all-new 7.3L V8 gas engine will be available in them, along with the all-new 10-speed automatic transmission. This creates a ton of potential for power and performance upon which you can build.

    The 2020 Super Duty F-600 will have a maximum GVWR of 22,000 lbs so that you can pile a massive amount of weight onto it. This is the perfect work truck for a lot of industries and is sure to become a mainstay in commercial fleets across the country.

  • Safety

    A collision warning light is on the dash display of a 2020 Super Duty.

    While a powerful workhorse of a truck is great, if it cannot keep you safe, then all the power in the world is pointless. Fortunately, the 2020 Super Duty pickups will include some of the best safety and driver-assistance features available anywhere. While some of these might only be options or included at certain trim levels, they will make for a powerful and safe truck that cannot be beat.

    Among the available safety features in the 2020 Super Duty pickup trucks will be Ford’s Blind Spot Information System with cross-traffic alert. This will also include trailer coverage, so you can stay safer and watch for careless drivers more easily even while towing a trailer or camper behind you. Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking will also be available to help you avoid serious crashes.

    One of the most exciting features, however, is the inclusion of Ford’s Pro-Trailer Backup Assist functionality on the Super Duty series for the first time ever. This system lets you easily guide the movement of an attached trailer by turning a knob, making it easier to back up and get your trailer exactly where you want it to be.

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