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Receive a $1000 Pre-Order Bonus with a Reservation

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Any Make or Model

Kings Ford Buys Cars even if you don’t buy from us. Right now high demand for pre-owned vehicles means increased value for your current car or truck. Kings Ford can offer you an escape from your current vehicle whether it’s financed or paid off.

Return Your Lease


Any Make or Model

It doesn’t matter where you leased your current vehicle… you can return it at Kings Ford. And increased vehicle values means Kings Ford may be able to pay off your lease or send you home with a check.

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$1000 Ford Bonus Cash

If we don’t have the Ford that you want… It will be here soon. Once it’s here you can take delivery from our inventory. If you’re on the list you’ll be first to take delivery.

Why Pre-Order?

Pre-Ordering your vehicle offers many advantages. Not only does it provide greater opportunity to consider the full suite of benefits and features for different model and trim classes, pre-ordering can secure your place in the production-to-delivery pipeline to make certain you get the right vehicle as quickly as possible! With a historic global supply-chain crisis threatening the availability of semiconductor chips used in the production of many different consumer electronics, new inventory levels for all manufacturers are at historic lows. Pre-Order with Kings Ford today to enjoy all the benefits of buying from the best! Please see below for details regarding the Kings Ford Advantage and more information about the global supply chain crisis.

Pre-Order With Us and Enjoy the Kings Ford Advantage

The Kings Ford Advantage can help explain why so many of our customers Pre-Order again and again:

Customer Service

  • With over 16,000 Google Reviews averaging above 4.5 stars across 18 brands, the Kings Auto Mall customer service that we offer you at Kings Ford is consistently top-notch.

Purchasing Convenience

  • The entire car-buying process can be completed from the comfort of your home.
  • You can take any vehicle on our lot for a contactless test drive; all you have to do is call or email us to schedule an appointment.
  • We offer free delivery for those who live within 50 miles of our dealership.
  • We can pick up your trade-in vehicle when we drop off your new vehicle.

Safety and Quality Experts

  • Kings Ford is proud to offer its customers scores of seasoned Ford Certified Technicians representing a combined 280 years of automotive technician experience.
  • Kings Ford has heavily invested in the most cutting edge technology in our state of the art Inspection Center to make certain your vehicle keeps you safely on the road.
    • Kings Ford was the first dealership in the region to offer the patented Quick Check Drive inspection that utilizes 32 lasers and 8 cameras, offering military-grade measurements to maximize preventative maintenance and avoid costly repairs or preventable safety issues.


  • Your first maintenance at Kings Ford is complimentary with FordPass Rewards!
  • We boast one of the best Ford Pass Rewards activation performances in the area!
  • We look out for our customers to maximize their points for the greatest reward!

Why Are Dealer Inventories so Low Everywhere?

There is a Global Supply Chain crisis regarding a small component that we as a society have largely taken for granted: the semiconductor chip. From your cell phone to your New Ford Vehicle – these chips are used in most consumer electronics. The more complex the machine, the more chips they use. The supply is going to be highly constrained for the next 60 to 90 days due to the complex reasons for the shortage.

Consumer electronic consumption is on the rise since the pandemic forced many to stay home and enhance their home offices, creating an unprecedented demand for the chips. Complicated trade agreement changes with key suppliers overseas in combination with a key supplier factory burning down hurt supply. The nature of the chips requiring perfectly controlled manufacturing conditions that require two years before a factory can be operational from build makes the supply slow to respond. We encourage you to reach out to your US Congress representatives in the House and Senate today to voice your support for national programs to promote the domestic production of semiconductor chips. Our reliance on global supply has made the solution more complicated, and we need to enhance the production of the semiconductor chips right here in America!

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