2022 Ford Explorer

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  • Overview

    A blue 2022 Ford Explorer is angled left.

    Versatility is a key vehicle attribute, and this is especially true for an SUV. For some, versatility is important because they live lives that take them on a variety of different drives, from work trips to adventures to everyday errands. For others, versatility is important because they are just starting a family and need room to expand as kids grow in number and size. Either way, you want a versatile SUV; otherwise, you’ll probably be back at the dealership in just a few short years.

    The 2022 Ford Explorer is an excellent example of the kind of versatility that is possible (and optimal) in an SUV. While Ford may be most famous for its performance vehicles and trucks, it is able to combine its excellence in both of those sectors and channel it into an SUV, which provides a conglomeration of the two. It seems that the Explorer borrows influence from the capacity of the F-150, the design of the Mustang, and the performance of the Bronco to create a perfect blend of features and capability.


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  • Capability

    A red 2022 Ford Explorer shows the tires in close up.

    The Flexibility of an SUV

    What’s the logical reason for wanting a pickup truck? For most, it’s the thing that makes it a pickup truck: the pickup bed. What is the advantage of the pickup bed? Storage space. However, a pickup truck is not practical for all people, especially for families who need extra seating. But what if it was possible to get both the seating and the cargo capacity? This is what the 2022 Ford Explorer offers.

    Space is different in an SUV than it is in a pickup truck. In a truck, you have the constant, unchanging storage space of the pickup bed, separate from the seating cab. This is helpful if your only objective is to haul cargo, but if your objective is to carry large loads on certain occasions and passengers on others, it can sometimes be both limiting and unnecessary. What an SUV, namely the Explorer, offers is flexible space that can be altered to accommodate a variety of situations.

    Make Your Vehicle Fit What You Need

    The 2022 Explorer offers a maximum cargo volume of 87.8 cubic feet. That’s very good. In fact, that cargo volume is better than that of many pickup beds. Now, before you get too excited, thinking you’ll get seating for seven and 87.8 cubic feet of cargo space, it is important to clarify what is meant by maximum cargo volume. This does not mean that there is an Explorer trim that offers 87.8 cubic feet behind the third row; it means that the vehicle’s seats can be folded and arranged to provide that cargo space behind the front seats. So, if you’ve got a job that sounds fit for a truck and doesn’t require more than one passenger, you’ll be able to haul the load in your Explorer and maybe even have some space leftover.

    Why is this preferable? Well, aside from being able to seat seven when you’re not using all 87.8 cubic feet, you can actually fold down just a few of the seats for a mix of room for passengers and more space for cargo. Because the Explorer’s interior is so flexible, there are many different potential configurations. So, say you’ve got to haul a load but have three passengers, you can fold just the third-row seats and still have 47.9 cubic feet of cargo space. You could even fold the third-row seats and one of the second-row captains’ chairs. The point is that you’ll have an extremely flexible interior with excellent space, making for high levels of passenger comfort and storage ease.

    The 2022 Ford Explorer is a prime example of how an SUV can offer the benefits of a truck while having a leg up due to its flexibility. Flexibility is important for families, so this might be the best way to go if you need to be able to bring the kids to school with all of their friends and later will need all the space in the back for transporting materials for work. Families are busy, and they need a vehicle like the Ford Explorer that can keep up.

  • Design

    A person is shown driving a 2022 Ford Explorer.

    An Appealing Exterior

    You can find fantastic capacity and performance, but that doesn’t always come with great looks and design. You can find great looks and design, but that doesn't always come with amazing capacity and performance. Are both possible? Yes, if you have a vehicle like the 2022 Explorer.

    Starting with the exterior, the Explorer offers a sportier design than you’ll find in most other SUVs. Abandoning the classic box-truck look that many people associate with traditional SUVs, the Explorer uses an angular, sharp, and accented architecture to develop great aerodynamics and eye-catching style. Its exterior colors blend the subtle yet significant effect of contrasts, accents, and hue. But all of this is simply the lead-in to the interior.

    The Comfortable Place Where You'll Spend Most of Your Time

    Open the door to any given Explorer, and you’ll likely find a radically different interior from the one next to it. Depending on the trim and edition chosen, the Explorer is able to take on many different forms, all of which craft welcoming and enjoyable designs in their own way. With design schemes that will appeal to business professionals and outdoor adventurers alike, you’ll be able to craft the interior to suit your day-to-day excursions and your extraordinary adventures. If you’re really trying to lean into unique luxury features, the King Ranch trim will provide finely-crafted leather materials with a Southwestern flare.

    Now, one of the most important components of crafting an atmosphere is lighting. Because lighting is so integral to the science of sight, the lighting of an environment drastically affects our perception of the space, our attitude and mood, and our desire to stay. The 2022 Explorer offers ambient lighting, meaning that the mood can be set for all kinds of different circumstances with seven color options. The benefit of ambient lighting is that it allows for atmospheric rather than purely functional lighting, which is most effective at night. This effect crafts the kind of atmosphere that makes you and your passengers want to stay in the vehicle.

    The 2022 Ford Explorer is an SUV with a sports car personality. Whether you’re seeking the sharp exterior, the fine materials, or the atmospheric lighting, the Explorer is there to give you the aesthetic you’re looking for. You and your family will be happy to spend time riding around in this SUV, whether it's just running errands or going on a family road trip.

  • Performance

    The black interior of a 2022 Ford Explorer shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

    This SUV Can Handle Being Off the Pavement

    Many people think that off-roading is something you can only do with a dedicated off-roading vehicle. They are both right and wrong. They are correct in identifying that you can’t just take any old car out to tumble around on the trails; it needs to be properly equipped. They are incorrect, however, in assuming that you need to purchase a whole separate vehicle if you want to try off-roading. The 2022 Ford Explorer, while being a fantastic and functional family SUV, is more than capable of going off-road.

    The Explorer Timberline trim is a model that keeps everything wonderful about the Explorer but transforms it into a true off-road vehicle ready for larger-scale adventures. Higher ground clearance, underbody skid plates, and 3.58 TORSEN Limited-Slip Rear Differential put the Timberline a step above a mere trim level. One of Ford’s strong creative choices is the development of fun and specific trims that serve a particular niche, and the Timberline is one such model. The Timberline trim even has its own adventurous style to match its adventurous performance, with Deep Tangerine stitching and a unique Timberline logo. But, the most exciting part of the Timberline is not in its looks; it’s in its capability.

    Aside from its off-roading savviness, the Timberline is able to tow up to 5,300 pounds. This means you’ll be able to pack more for your adventure, whether it’s a boat, a trailer, or just extra cargo. Plus, the tow hooks make hooking up to things easier. If anything needs to be towed, the Timberline is ready. The 2022 Ford Explorer Timberline trim has adventure at its heart, and if you’re seeking to improve your off-roading and camping adventures, you’ll want to jump on this special Explorer.

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