2023 Ford Expedition

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  • Overview

    A silver 2023 Ford Expedition is angled left.

    There’s a reason that Ford has remained at the top of the automotive industry for so long. With an array of high-quality, well-designed sedans, pickups, and other vehicles, it’s no wonder America remains in love with Ford. The 2023 Ford Expedition, Ford's full-size three-row SUV, is no exception. If you’re looking to either add a new vehicle to fit your family or you need to replace an older one on its last legs, take a look at the 2023 Ford Expedition and imagine what it will be like to pack up your family and friends, all their luggage, and whatever gear and toys you might need for a weekend getaway. You’ll be living the dream.

    Not sure if the Expedition is right for you? Take a look at all it has to offer, and you'll see that this model is made to fit your family's needs. Whatever you want, Ford promises that the Expedition can be outfitted to your unique desires. With a highly configurable interior, the ability to tow over 6,000 lbs, and Ford’s SYNC 4 software, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips to make sure every trip is an expedition.


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  • Packages

    The black interior of a 2023 Ford Expedition shows the steering wheel and infotainment screen.

    Packages Available for the 2023 Ford Expedition

    One of the ways Ford stays at the top of the game is its flexibility with its vehicles. The customer’s ability to pick a variety of things like powertrains, exterior color, seating arrangements, and add-on packages ensures that no two Expeditions are exactly alike and that your Expedition will suit you perfectly. Curious about what sort of packages you can add to your build? Here are a few of the options you’ll have when you go to purchase the 2023 Expedition.


    Need more elbow room for the family but don’t want seating for eight? The Ford Expedition comes in a few configurations, the smallest of which is the Ford Expedition XL STX, which has seating for up to five individuals. This five-seater SUV is perfect for those who need an SUV that can handle hauling, towing, and moving cargo, but don't need the extra row of seats. If you do require more than five seats, then you can choose from the Expedition XLT/XLT MAX, the Timberline, Limited/Limited MAX, or King Ranch/King Ranch MAX, all of which are configurable for seven or eight seats, depending on whether you want a middle bench seat or captain’s chairs.

    Stealth Performance Edition Package

    Looking for something sleek, unobtrusive, and luxurious? Then check out the Stealth Performance Package. Gloss black covers the exterior accents, allowing the brake calipers to stand out, albeit slyly, in a gorgeous red. You’ll also get to experience the highest quality sound system, with twenty-two speakers and a subwoofer from Bang & Olufsen. You’ll look good, you’ll sound good, and you’ll feel good when every eye turns to catch a glimpse of you and your stealthy SUV.

    Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow Package

    This is for the driver who spends a lot of weekends traveling with their camper. Whether you’re looking for a mountain lake or a favorite campground, you’ll be able to tow over 9,000 lbs, and as most trailers are around 5,000 lbs, you’ll still be able to pile in all your camping equipment, cooking supplies, and hiking gear, or bring along a few mountain bikes or even an ATV. Whatever you want to take with you, the Expedition can handle it all.

  • Performance

    A white 2023 Ford Expedition is shown towing a boat.

    Where Power Meets Performance: Under the Hood and Inside the Cabin

    Ford’s innovation when it comes to eco-friendly engine options and technological safety features can be seen in its dedication to a smooth, safe ride that still makes the heart race with excitement. Knowing that you can drive for fun in a vehicle that is designed to keep you and your passengers safe ensures a feeling of adventure and confidence in your vehicle.

    Suspension, Transmission, & Road Preview

    The Expedition isn’t some soft suburban SUV. It can handle tough situations like a pro because of Ford’s dedication to durable, reliable vehicles. The 2023 version has a ten-speed SelectShift automatic transmission, which is included because it improves both the responsiveness and performance of the vehicle. There's an independent front and rear suspension, and with the Control Trac 4WD System, the rear axle locks to improve off-road performance. If you want something extra, the Road Preview option is incredibly helpful because it not only alerts you to road conditions before you start doing a road full of potholes, but it will adapt the suspension for the upcoming obstacle.

    Technology Features

    It’s difficult to squint at your phone for directions while attempting to drive, so that’s why Ford offers a 15.5-inch screen that can handle both navigation and radio. The screen is said to be the largest in its class, which means you won’t have to strain your eyes when looking for something. It can be paired with Ford’s SYNC 4A software to ensure that you are well-prepared for whatever comes your way. If you want something a bit smaller, Ford also offers a 12-inch LCD touchscreen, which is also equipped with voice recognition software so that you don’t ever have to look away from the road to type in directions. There’s also a 12.4-inch digital instrument panel with multicolor, yet another tool you can customize to your heart’s content.

    You can also opt for the FordPass Connect, which allows up to ten phones, tablets, or laptops to access wi-fi either in the SUV or within fifty feet of it. This is a huge boon to those who have smaller children, teens, or someone who needs to be kept occupied for a little while with a phone or tablet that they can use to access media streaming platforms, social media, and music. This will also ensure that if you get stuck with a blown tire, you run out of gas, or any number of smaller issues, you won’t have to walk to the nearest gas station or motel. You can request assistance from the comfort of your SUV.

  • Safety

    A red 2023 Ford Expedition is shown driving over a bridge.

    A Family-Hauler That Is Packed With Safety Features

    When you’re hauling around several passengers or towing a trailer, you want to ensure that your friends, family, and cargo are as safe as possible. Ford has made it easy to keep everyone safe with the Ford Co-Pilot360 driver-assist features and even offers plenty of safety features standard on every 2023 Expedition. Whether you’re looking for a little extra help navigating with a trailer or you want to make sure you aren’t going to back over anything, Ford has you covered.

    Standard Safety Features

    Most modern vehicles have at least a couple of safety features, though depending on which trim level you purchase, you may get fewer safety features, or a whole host of them may be available. Luckily, Ford believes in keeping everyone as safe as possible, with standard safety features including things like the SOS Post-Crash Alert System, a rearview camera, rear parking sensors, front and side impact airbags, and the Individual Tire Pressure Monitoring System, or TPMS. You’ll also get three-point safety belts, rear seat child locks, the Ford Safety Canopy System (which includes the third row), four-wheel disc brakes, and an anti-locking brake system. Other safety features include a perimeter alarm and Ford’s Securi-lock Passive Anti-Theft System.

    Driver Assist Features

    If you’re looking to outfit your SUV with the most features possible, there are other driver-assist features you'll appreciate. There's an available 360-degree camera that also comes with trailer reverse guidance, inclination/intrusion sensors, and a keyless entry keypad. You also get the Co-Pilot360 suite, which comes with Pre-Collision Assist, Lane-Centering Assist, and Reverse Brake Assist to help you out with various parts of everyday driving. There is also the available Intersection Assist, Active Park Assist 2.0, and Reverse Brake Assist if you want as many driver-assist features as possible to handle your daily driving.

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