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Keeping Maintenance Customers Informed and Empowered

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Kings Ford

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9555 Kings Automall Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249

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Kings Quicklane

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8755 Fields Ertel Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45249


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Maintenance Credo of Respect

Kings Ford believes in promoting transparency and convenience to our customers. We strive to value our customers’ time as more important than our own, and – like any good partnership – believe forecasting accurate expectations promotes a relationship and respect with the customer. Communication is key, and we’re continuously striving to reinvent ourselves to improve how we relay information.

As a Ford store, we never compromise on quality; the service you receive here will both be among the most qualified from our Ford-certified technicians and Ford-warrantied parts; we hope that you demand the most from any technician you permit to service your vehicle, because we are confident we will offer you the best. However, we appreciate quality must be balanced with reasonable delivery.

With over 25,000 repair orders every year, we certainly make mistakes along the way, but aspire to always make things right and do our best to capture satisfied customers. We hope you find us honest, sincere, and transparent in our endeavor to offer you top-quality service in the fastest and most respectful method possible. Thank you for entrusting us with your vehicles!

WorksTiming Overview

Kings Ford is proud to be the first store in the Greater Cincinnati area to offer this innovative efficiency and transparency promoting tool for our maintenance customers: WorksTiming. As with any forecast tool, the information is not perfect, but it is directionally accurate and helpful in keeping everyone as informed as possible. We believe in respecting our customers’ time as best we are capable, and WorksTiming assists us in this pursuit. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we optimize our operations to make the information presented as accurate as possible during its first year of implementation, 2017.

Use this Tool to Plan your Walk-in Service with our Maintenance Team
Please remember: Appointments are ENCOURAGED, but NOT REQUIRED. Appointments assist us in spreading forecastable customer demand as equally as possible throughout the day to avoid shop overload; avoiding shop overload helps limit excessive customer waits. However, we are HAPPY for you to stop in unannounced at any time to service your vehicle.

If you do plan to drop in without an appointment – which we welcome – consider checking this website for “Next Available Start Time” at our two locations. We are happy when you are happy, so please choose whichever location you prefer. Our flagship Ford Store in Kings Automall has the greatest capacity, but the Quick Lane is “on the way” for most customers coming from the highway. Please keep in mind we have Ford certified technicians using Ford warranty parts at both locations, so if speed and convenience is a priority, please consider the Quick Lane off Fields Ertel Rd.

Use this Tool to View the Progress of Your Vehicle After Drop-off

We are blessed to offer a multitude of amenities in both locations. You have many options within walking distance or our shuttle can take you there: Restaurants, Shopping (fashion, hardware, grocery), Entertainment (e.g., movie theaters), or Rejuvenation (e.g., hair-cut, salon, massage, Planet Fitness). Whether you want to maximize your time doing something else or just relax in our lobby, the dashboard below – accessible from your Smart Phone or Office Computer – let you know what’s going on with your vehicle. You can notate your place in line on “Jobs on Deck” and also see the progress of your job after it’s loaded. Unlike other stores that just give you a time without detail, we want you to see your vehicle along every step of the way so you are as informed as possible. And if there are any unexpected delays along the way that create complication, we find it’s better when everyone can see what’s happening at each milestone. However, if you’re a regular customer we hope you will attest… our time estimates are spot-on most of the time and trying our best all the time.

Disclaimer: Non-maintenance Repairs are Not Displayed

Based on our shop workflow and the initial design of this tool, we are only displaying maintenance initiating jobs below; so if you’re in for a non-maintenance or heavy repair, please don’t fret if your name doesn’t appear.

Where’s My Job?

If you are a Maintenance Customer (not repair) and don’t see your name, please find or call a service department representative immediately.


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