2021 Ford Escape Hybrid

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  • Overview

    A blue 2021 Ford Escape SEL PHEV is angled left.

    Ford is a company that has been known for its innovation from the very beginning, paving the way for the modern automotive industry as we know it. This year, Ford is looking to continue its legacy of innovation with its newest addition to the popular Ford Escape line: the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid. The 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is an SUV that enhances the capabilities of affordable family vehicles by implementing a hybrid system to increase efficiency, as well as a large selection of comfort and safety features to make an excellent driving experience that is as safe as possible.

    If you’re looking for an SUV that is perfect for both your family and the environment, then look no further than the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid. Blending the eco-friendly design of a hybrid with the high standard of performance expected of a Ford SUV, the Escape Hybrid is an all-new chapter in the automotive industry. However, if you’re still not convinced enough to visit a Ford dealer near you, feel free to read up on the new additions to the model here.


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  • Efficiency

    When it comes down to it, the efficiency of hybrid models brings two major benefits to the table. On one hand, the system will save you money in terms of fuel usage, and on the other hand, the vehicle is more sustainable for the environment. With the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid, Ford has produced a vehicle that performs well enough to more than exceed expectations in both categories. From better fuel mileage and range to improved terrain and weather capabilities, it’s hard to argue that the 2021 Ford Escape hybrid isn’t a very efficient SUV.

    Powertrain Options

    To be more specific, the new model brings the hybrid powertrain to more trims while also increasing the functionality of the hybrid components. The 2021 Escape Hybrid actually offers two different hybrid systems: a traditional hybrid powertrain that combines electric motors with a gasoline engine and a plug-in system that can travel on battery power alone for short distances. While both variants use the same 2.5L gasoline engine, the plug-in model has a much larger 14.4-kWh battery pack that provides 37 miles of electric range.

    A Versatile Hybrid

    Adding on to this efficiency, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is still an off-road-capable SUV. That isn’t to say that it functions less on the road, it’s still very much an on-road vehicle, but the vehicle has plenty of capabilities as far as terrain versatility is concerned. In a model that traditionally operates on front-wheel drive, which is better suited for on-road conditions as opposed to the off-road, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid does offer all-wheel drive for superior tractions. This driving mode is better suited to more difficult conditions, like hazardous weather and off-road paths. The fact that the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid offers this means that the model is more versatile and will get you where you need to go.

    Despite this, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is a very efficient and high performing SUV. With the new plug-in hybrid system, the driving range of the model has increased tremendously, in a way that saves money at the gas pump. Furthermore, the model has become more versatile, which makes for a vehicle that is no longer limited by terrain and weather. So, if you’re looking to buy a new Ford model that performs very well and is more efficient than before, you might just want to consider buying a new 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid.

  • Comfort

    The 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is an addition to a model built on a unique blend of style and pure comfort. What this means is that while the SUV looks as good as it drives, it also backs this up by including a set of comfort features that make the driving more comfortable from the inside as well, such as seat texture and cargo space. Blending these two is what makes the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid itself, and it’s also the building block of the addition’s unique driving experience.

    Modern Style

    Style is exactly what everybody is going to see when you drive by, so finding a slick style to suit your image is incredibly important. The 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid brings with it an aerodynamic design that not only gives off a very successful image to match your own success but also makes for a very flexible drive. The sleek aerodynamics of the SUV also play a role in its efficiency by reducing the effect of wind resistance. In other words, this vehicle’s stylish design makes the vehicle drive rather smoothly, as opposed to the more bumpy drive in many other SUVs on the market.

    Interior Design

    On the other side, the interior quality of the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid will allow you to relax in comfort no matter the situation. The addition offers a wide plethora of different comfort technologies, like leather seating that conforms to the exact position you need to relieve the stress of a long trip. Even more, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid offers plenty of cargo space needed to handle trips of any size. This comes in the form of one of the large cargo areas in its segment, as well as folding seating, resulting in nearly 100 cubic feet of storage space. This, together with too many other optional features to count, make for a drive that is incredibly comfortable.

    The first In the end, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is an SUV that truly understands what makes a vehicle comfortable. With a unique blend of style in design and comfort features that are able to match the environment and seasons you drive in, as well as the tastes of everybody in the vehicle, the 2021 Escape offers an experience that is truly unique to its own. So, if you’re looking for an SUV that is comfortable in every situation, then the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is an ideal pick for you.

  • Safety

    Safety technology is arguably the biggest innovation area in the modern automotive industry and with good cause. We have never seen the number of advanced enhancements in technology more than we see it today. Of course, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid also is a major part of this innovative narrative, leading the charge in many different areas. From emergency braking for sudden obstacles to driver assistance to help you avoid more common problems, it has never been a safer time to drive a Ford. Even better, many of these features come standard, meaning that every trim will have the same accident protection.

    Five-Star Crash Tests

    We know this is a safe SUV because it has already earned itself a five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is not an easy feat, one that requires such a sophisticated design that it can easily surpass any challenges posed by the organization’s rigorous tests. In other words, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is just about as safe as an SUV could be, doing this with a very strong base design.

    Driver Assistance

    This goes even further when it comes to driver assistance technology. While this kind of technology has become more common in many vehicles, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid takes this commitment incredibly far when you consider the reasonable price of the vehicle. With a large arsenal of safety technology offered in the Co-Pilot 360 suite in every trim of the model. With such technology as forward-collision braking for last-minute emergencies and blind-spot monitoring to offer assistance in difficult situations, the 2021 Ford Escape is safer than the competition.

    So, in an age where safety is everything, the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is a family SUV that excels. After all, it is hard to get a perfect score from the NHTSA, but the 2021 addition to the model does this with its sophisticated design and innovative usage of technology that makes stopping accidents easier than ever. In the end, if you’re the kind of person that needs a sense of security before entering the car, then the 2021 Ford Escape Hybrid is sure to provide you exactly that.

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