2018 Ford EcoSport vs. 2018 Buick Encore

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  • 2018 Ford EcoSport

    2018 Ford EcoSport

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    2018 Buick Encore

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    27 / 29MPG27 / 33
    50 ft³Cargo Volume48.4 ft³
    5Seating Volume5

    There is not a person out there who doesn’t desire a vehicle that blends reliable power, luxury convenience, and nearly limitless utility and wraps it all in one affordable package. In fact, this is what we all look for when searching for the vehicle of our dreams. Well, you can stop the neverending search now because there is finally not one, but two excellent options that check off all these requirements.

    The 2018 Ford EcoSport vs. 2018 Buick Encore are both vehicles that are so well-balanced that it will be almost impossible to let you down, which is great until you remember you can only pick one. Looking at the stats alone, you will see the 2018 Ford EcoSport is more affordable and compact, but surprisingly that doesn’t prevent it from being even more efficient with its cargo space than the larger 2018 Buick Encore. While comparing these small difference may seem like nitpicking, they may make all the difference when its time to spend your hard-earned money.

  • Audience

    Facing the facts, not every car is for everyone, sometimes your lifestyle suits a specific image or function. While the 2018 Ford EcoSport and 2018 Buick Encore are known for their boundless versatility and can be driven by anyone blessed enough to buy either model, they each have their own ideal audience.

    2018 Ford EcoSport

    The 2018 Ford EcoSport offers a style that is bold enough to give drivers confidence they never knew they had. This means that those that desire a renewed sense of strength will always find the perfect partner in this model. Not only stylish and sporty, but the EcoSport also has the features and room to back backup its looks. An example of the ideal audience for the 2018 Ford EcoSport is someone who loves the urban convenience but needs to feel the rural rush now and then. The EcoSport says that you can have all the charm of the countryside without giving up your modern urban lifestyle. With the EcoSport, you can have the best of both worlds in one convenient vehicle.

    2018 Buick Encore

    The 2018 Buick Encore as far as style goes is a polar opposite to the 2018 Ford EcoSport. Where the EcoSport is athletic and bold, the 2018 Buick Encore is compact and refined. Every feature of the 2018 Buick Encore displays a modern refinement that is never intrusive from the grille to the rear bumper. That being the case, those that will most love the 2018 Buick Encore are those that want to make a professional impression wherever they go. It also truly embraces the vision of compact vehicles by leaving not an inch out of place. Some may find the looks and performance of the 2018 Buick Encore to be a bit boring or stuffy, but for those looking to add some class to their life, this is what the 2018 Encore was made for.

  • Performance

    Generally, the performance of compact vehicles, even compact SUVs, is where the most significant concessions are given. Both the 2018 Ford EcoSport and 2018 Buick Encore offer more than one engine option, which is always great, but at their best, the 2018 Ford EcoSport does push itself a bit harder.

    2018 Ford EcoSport

    For a vehicle of its size, the 2018 Ford EcoSport elevates everything in a way you could never expect, and performance ability is one of them. The 2018 EcoSport comes with two impressive engine options with start-stop technology that will save you big bucks on gas. The standard engine is a 123hp 1.0L EcoBoost engine that is turbocharged with direct injection and ready to outperform in the most affordable way possible. Optional is a 166 hp 2.0L Ti-VCT I-4 engine that has been enhanced to handle any road you can dare to drive.

    Engines are not the only things the 2018 Ford EcoSport will deliver; this little big shot can also tow an incredible 2,000 pounds. Additionally, between the 6-speed automatic transmissions that have gear for everything, 4WD, and the convenient size, you will find that handling the EcoSport is a smooth and exciting experience.

    2018 Buick Encore

    Sadly, the 2018 Buick Encore isn’t well tested in towing; you could even say it doesn’t have any towing ability. That aside, the 2018 Encore does offer two engine with two different power outputs. Both are the 1.4L turbocharged I-4 engine, but the standard is a multi-port injection with 138hp, while the other is a direct-port injection with 153hp. The standard option does offer more hp than the standard option for the 2018 EcoSport, but with the upgradable engines, the EcoSport offers better performance. It also offers a 6-speed automatic transmission and optional all-wheel drive.

  • Utility

    SUV stands for Sports Utility Vehicle, and as such, any model that has been placed into that class should prioritize utility above all else. When it comes to the efficiency in which the 2018 Ford EcoSport and 2018 Buick Encore implement utility, it seems pretty clear-cut that the 2018 EcoSport takes the lead with its larger cargo space availability.

    2018 Ford EcoSport

    The 2018 Ford EcoSport is one of the top contenders for utility for its size and weight class. With the dimensions of 161 inches in length, 70 inches in width, and 65 inches in height, this efficient ride can still grant passengers 20.9 ft³ of cargo space even when all five seating spaces are filled. Put down the seats with the easily folding feature, and you will get an impressive 50 ft³ of cargo space which is versatile enough to fit anything from a long beach umbrella to a big and round fire pit ring. 2018 EcoSport shows competence for a utility and cargo space that goes beyond its class.

    2018 Buick Encore

    Even though the 2018 Buick Encore is larger than the 2018 EcoSport at 168 inches in length, it does not have a higher utility rating. In fact, the 2018 Buick Encore offers less cargo space whether you have the seats folded down or not. The max cargo space for the 2018 Buick Encore is 48.4 ft³ which is still two cubic feet behind the 2018 Ford EcoSport which is 7 inches shorter in length, showing the Encore’s lack of efficiency with its internal space. In fairness, this is still a fair amount of space for a compact SUV, but it just isn’t the best when compared to others in the same class.

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