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If you are looking for a great vehicle at a great price, you really need to consider finding a used Ford for sale. With a broad and diverse selection of SUVs, trucks, and cars, the Ford Motor Company offers a vehicle that is sure to meet the needs and desires of every driver. But what is the first step in finding the model that works best for you? The key is to make sure you figure out what you are looking to get from your vehicle, and you narrow down exactly what you require.

Are you using it for work? Then make sure its specifications can handle the tasks you need. Are you using it to commute? Then you might want to pay attention to fuel economy. What if you are planning to use it to accommodate a large family? Then you should check on the interior space and cargo configuration of the vehicle. Looking for speed and pickup? Then you might want a used or Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Ford that has a larger engine option than the standard engine.

After narrowing down your exact needs, it's time to find a model that meets that checklist. Here at Kings Ford, we have a dedicated team that would love to help you find the perfect car, truck, or SUV. They will walk you around our lot and showroom, discussing the models that fit the parameters of what you are searching for. If you'd like to discuss a model before visiting us in person, just give us a call, and our staff would be more than happy to answer all of your questions. At Kings Ford, our goal is to make sure you drive out in your next new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned Ford with a big smile on your face. In order to do this, we offer competitive pricing, a hassle-free buying process, and a team of experienced staff who will work to get you your next Ford at the best price and terms possible.

A yellow 2018 Ford Focus ST is shown from the side driving down a city street.

Check Out Certified Pre-Owned Fords

Ford offers one of the best and most comprehensive Certified Pre-Owned programs in the automobile industry. That is because when you buy a Certified Pre-Owned Ford, you are getting the backing of the Ford Motor Company as well as our dealership. It starts with authorized dealers like Kings Ford. We will locate the best used Fords for sale based on condition, age, and mileage. Only Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs with fewer than 80,000 miles on the odometer and those that are less than six years old are eligible for the Gold Certified program. However, vehicles less than ten years old with less than 120,000 miles may be eligible for the Blue Certified program.

Every vehicle eligible for the Gold Certified program must pass a rigorous 172-point inspection (139-point for Blue Certified) performed by our certified Ford-trained technicians. They start by checking the VIN (vehicle identification number), performing any service recalls and maintenance on the vehicle, and ensuring it is compliant with applicable emissions standards. Next, the vehicle is road tested to make sure there are no issues with the performance of the car, truck, or SUV.

A full inspection of the vehicle's exterior and interior is completed to ensure there is no damage to the vital components of the model. Then, the technician will make sure the vehicle's diagnostic system is functioning correctly. Finally, a thorough inspection of everything under the hood, underbody, and other features is made to ensure all is in working order. If there is a need for any repairs before certification, the technician will only use genuine Ford OEM parts.

When you buy a used Ford for sale under the Certified Pre-Owned program, you will receive a complimentary vehicle history report. This will provide you with information on the ownership of the vehicle, its accident and title history, any issues with fire or flood, and any damage to the vehicle's frame. At Kings Ford, we go a step further and include a CARFAX Vehicle History Report free with any used or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle that we sell.

Every Certified Pre-Owned Ford comes with exceptional warranty coverage. Ford the Gold Certified program, there is a 12-month / 12,000-mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty. This covers the model's engine, transmission, drivetrain, steering, brakes, suspension, air conditioning, heating, safety systems, electrical system, emissions, audio system, and technology components. But that is not all. You also get a 7-year / 100,000-mile Powertrain Limited Warranty on your Certified Pre-Owned Ford car, truck, or SUV. This covers your vehicle's engine and transmission. Best of all, it is transferable if you decide to sell your vehicle in the future. For Blue Certified vehicles, the warranties are a little different. You will get a 90-day / 4,000-mile Comprehensive Limited Warranty.

There are so many other reasons to make your next used Ford for sale a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. These vehicles come backed with a 14-day / 1,000-mile Money Back Guarantee, so if you don't like your choice for some reason, you can return it. Also, you will get 24-hour roadside assistance. This includes towing, jump starts, on-site flat tire changes, and lockout assistance. Finally, when you buy a Certified Pre-Owned used Ford for sale, you will earn FordPass Reward Points, which you can redeem at participating dealerships like ours for discounts on service, parts, and accessories.

A popular used Ford for sale, an orange 2020 Ford Mustang High Performance, is shown from the side parked in a warehouse.

Looking for Something Small? Check Out Used Ford Cars

Ford has some really great sedans available that you can get a deal on if you buy used. There is the stylish, sporty, and forward-looking Ford Fusion. Not only does this car look great, but it also drives even better than it looks, if that is possible. A used Fusion has great luxury features at a price that will pleasantly surprise you. It has a fantastic variety of powertrains, including hybrid options in newer models, in addition to available all-wheel drive capabilities to make for a more dialed-in and focused ride compared to its rivals.

The Fusion debuted for the 2006 model year, immediately appealing to a myriad of drivers due to its sporty ride quality and its unmatched styling. From quilted leather seating in its higher-level trims to a spacious and refined cabin space, ideal for everyday commuters or frequent travelers, the Fusion was quickly embraced by many. Multiple trim levels and powertrains set it apart from the competition, while ample cargo space allowed the Fusion to be a go-to choice for those who need the space to haul all of their belongings on any journey. The Fusion was discontinued in 2020; however, if you’re in the market for a new sedan, opting for models from this year will not only allow you to take advantage of more modern appointments but also an arsenal of tech designed for today’s driver. From an innovative infotainment system boasting Ford’s SYNC 3 software to voice recognition and other key tech must-haves, the Fusion perfectly exemplifies Ford's quality.

When it comes to your journey, the Fusion packs everything you’d ever want in a car into one convenient and easy-to-handle package, which is why it’s one of our absolute favorite used midsize sedans. There are drivers, however, that are looking for a more compact option, one that’s great on gas and easy to navigate even into the trickiest of parking spaces.

If you are in the market for a compact to serve as a second car or for great mileage on a commute, then take a look at a used Ford Focus. With its great fuel economy, you can spend your time focusing on driving and not worrying about the cost of gasoline. The Focus came on the scene a few years prior to the Fusion, in 2000, showcasing an all-around quality ride for an incredible value. Sporty handling and handsome styling allowed the Focus to capture the hearts of many drivers who desired a car that was easy to maneuver.

Although it was discontinued in 2018, there are still a number of used models on dealership lots that won’t disappoint. Models from its last year in production will feature some of the most desirable features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, as well as a comfortable cabin with premium appointments available, ambient lighting, and more cozy elements. The Focus also features a number of powertrain options, which showcase a lively ride, no matter where you’re traveling, making it a top pick for many commuters focused on enjoying a better ride.

While we are talking about Ford, if you want performance at a great price, then get behind the wheel of a used Ford Mustang. The Mustang has been a legend since its debut at the World’s Fair in 1964, becoming a cult favorite seemingly overnight. Dubbed the “working man’s Thunderbird,” the Mustang featured all of the elements of a high-powered sports car but for a reasonable price tag, one that the average driver could afford. Today, the Mustang is as impressive as ever, sporting an exhilarating performance, phenomenal handling, and the iconic design that has set it apart from its rivals for decades. Choosing newer used models, like those from 2018, will allow you to enjoy more powerful engine options, a fine-tuned suspension system, and more tech upgrades.

Two used Fords for sale, a silver 2018 Ford F-150 and a black 2018 Ford Super Duty are parked in a field.

Need Power and Capability? Explore Used Ford Trucks

If you are in the market for a truck, then a used or Certified Pre-Owned Ford F-150 should be your choice. This is one rugged pickup that is built to do the job yet give you and your passengers comfort and luxury in one of the roomiest cabs on the market today. The F-150 can haul the heaviest load, tow the toughest trailer, handle the most difficult road conditions, and keep on moving. The best part is by buying a used Ford truck for sale; you will be able to find the trim that best serves your purposes at a price that won't break your budget.

The legendary F-Series pickup trucks have been turning heads since they arrived on the scene in the late 1940s, with the popular F-150 recognized as America’s best-selling truck for over 45 years. Not only can the F-150 handle some of the toughest jobs on the construction site, it showcases a prowess like no other, regardless of the terrain, as well as features designed to maximize the ride in every possible way. As the years have gone by for the F-150, we’ve seen a variety of upgrades to enhance it, including better powertrains, more advanced suspension systems, carefully curated cabin spaces, and so much more. With the selection of model years available, there’s an F-150 to suit any need or budget. However, choosing newer models will get you more trailering tech, better capabilities, and of course, more power to help you tick off more tasks on your daily to-do list.

Another Ford favorite with a loyal following is the Ford Ranger, which launched onto roadways in 1983. This small pickup appealed to drivers who didn’t have a need for the size of larger options like the F-150 and wanted to focus on efficiency and effortless maneuverability. It was discontinued in 2011, much to the dismay of its fans. Fortunately, Ford decided to revamp this popular model for the 2019 model year and to say that drivers were excited to have it back is an understatement. A turbocharged engine, loads of tech, and the iconic Ranger style radiate from it, making it a cult favorite once again.

A blue 2016 Ford Explorer is parked at a beach house.

Need Room for Family and Friends? Used Ford SUVs Are the Perfect Choice

Who doesn't love a good SUV? How about a used Ford SUV? If you need a full-size SUV that can fit the whole family and some friends to boot, then a used Ford Expedition would be ideal for you. Plus, the Expedition has an incredible amount of trunk space for luggage, making it the SUV to choose if you're going on a long road trip this summer.

The Expedition arrived on dealership lots across the nation in 1996 at a time when SUVs weren’t yet the go-to vehicles for America’s drivers. Instead, sedans and wagons were leading the charge, but when drivers needed a larger vehicle to turn to, the Expedition proved that it could take on the responsibility. Room for more passengers and cargo, as well as a powerful engine and fierce capabilities, allowed the Expedition to be the go-to vehicle for families and those who needed to be able to do more in their vehicle. If you’re searching for the ultimate large SUV that will add value to your travels, the Expedition is it, and choosing more recent models, like those from 2018, will allow you to enjoy more modern features for a more manageable price. From a longer design to accommodate more people and gear to enhanced tech and safety options, the Expedition is a tried and true choice for many drivers.

At the other end of the scale, if you want a subcompact SUV for just you and someone special, then the Ford EcoSport is for you. If you need some extra room for cargo, then you can easily fold down the rear seat. Going out with friends? Easily fold the rear seat back up, and off you go with plenty of room for your friends.

The EcoSport debuted in U.S. markets in 2018, offering drivers a smaller solution to their travels than other cumbersome SUVs on the road. With roots in Brazilian culture, it was a part of Ford’s Project Amazon, seeking to enhance the brand’s presence in this particular market. This dynamic subcompact SUV is based on the Fusion platform, making it an easy to drive and stylish SUV for virtually all travel needs. Today, you’ll find a number of models available, and with only a few years on the market, any model year is a great pick. Best-in-class towing capabilities, plus ample cargo space and a pleasing ride, make the EcoSport an all-around fabulous ride, wrapped up in one subcompact package.

The Ford Escape is a little bigger than the EcoSport, but also has the fun drivability and fuel economy of a smaller SUV. Introduced at the turn of the century, the Escape became an instant favorite, with its roomy interior, exciting engine, and rugged design. Drivers love the Escape due to its favorable size, as well as its efficiency and capabilities. In the last two decades, the Escape has continued to wow crowds with its excellent selection of powertrains, helpful driver assist features, and exceptional styling inside and out. Choosing more recent model years, like those from 2020, will allow you to enjoy an enhanced interior and exterior design, as well as a myriad of powertrains, including a hybrid variant, and more tech and safety features to make your drive better.

When it comes to two-row midsize SUVs, the Ford Edge has the edge over the competition, with a sleek style and plenty of luxury features. Arriving a few years after the Escape, the Edge offered drivers more space than Ford’s compact options, as well as a capable ride, able to travel over uneven terrain with agility. In a sea of other midsize SUVs, it was easy to blend in, but the Edge quickly proved that it was born to stand out with its outstanding engine options, sleek style, and bold presence. This is why the Edge is still highly regarded as one of the most trusted SUVs in its class.

Finally, the world-famous Ford Explorer is a roomy three-row midsize SUV that just has it all. It's easy to drive and has so much room for you and all your passengers. Replacing the Bronco II in the early '90s, the Explorer was one of the first SUVs on the modern market to mesmerize drivers who were looking for more advanced capabilities and, not to mention, more space in their vehicles. Today, the Explorer is still a go-to vehicle, recognized for its comfortable cabin space, ample cargo volume, and pleasing ride quality. The best part about buying a used Ford SUV is that you are getting a great vehicle at an amazing price, whichever model and trim you choose.

A bronze 2020 Ford Fusion Titanium Hybrid is shown driving down an off ramp.

What Is the Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-Owned Cars?

The concept of used vehicles is one that every driver is familiar with, but not everybody is aware that there’s now a whole new way of shopping for your next vehicle. Nowadays, dealerships such as ours offer a separate catalog of used vehicles dubbed Certified Pre-Owned vehicles. Part of what separates CPO vehicles from their standard used counterparts is the inclusion of factory warranties and other support, granting those who shop Certified Pre-Owned an extra layer of dependability and buyer confidence.

CPO vehicles aren’t limited to specific brands either. You can get a great deal on a vehicle from a reputable manufacturer like Ford with the dependability that’s synonymous with the brand and a generous warranty to boot. It’s important to note that not every CPO warranty is created equal, and warranties such as Fords are some of the best ones you can get. Every CPO vehicle has been inspected by our certified service experts and has passed the entire evaluation process, so they will have an extra layer of dependability that regular used vehicles often fail to replicate. It’s not uncommon to find a vehicle with relatively low mileage on the odometer being sold as a CPO vehicle due to the strict requirements for eligibility in the program.

CPO vehicles usually perform better and last longer than traditional used vehicles simply due to the extensive inspection that every Ford CPO model undergoes. Not only are you getting a vehicle that is up to date and in fully working condition, but CPO models often have the latest features. For instance, a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle that you are considering will often have the same engine with identical horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency to the latest model year. This is also true for many tech-centric features regarding entertainment or connectivity, such as infotainment centers, Wi-Fi hotspots, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, etc.

Additionally, warranties that often come with these vehicles cover a wide array of repairs and various services, so no matter what happens, you’ll be covered. There are simply no used vehicles on the market with a warranty as promising as a CPO warranty, nor do standard used vehicles go through inspections as vigorous as the ones performed on CPO vehicles. While we make sure to inspect all of the used vehicles that we put on our lot, ensuring that you get years of reliable service, our CPO models are guaranteed to be in like-new condition.

There’s a certain amount of buyer confidence that is achieved with the purchase of a CPO vehicle vs a used vehicle because any potential problems have been ironed out, plus the limited and powertrain warranties ensure an extra layer of dependability. By purchasing a CPO Ford, you’ll be getting a fantastic deal with the addition of a comprehensive warranty. Although warranties are sometimes possible with a traditional used vehicle, they are certainly not always guaranteed, meaning CPO vehicles are the best choice for long-term reliability. Nowadays, there are more reasons than ever to consider a CPO vehicle for the utmost dependability for your used vehicle.

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