Order a New Ford

Everyone has unique tastes and preferences, and sometimes you simply won't find the thing you really want just being sold as is. Many people have very specific things they are looking for, and they need an a la carte style of shopping over buying a product right off the shelf. The same principle applies to shopping for a vehicle, and it’s why we’re here to show you the many benefits that you’ll enjoy when you order a new Ford with us.

In today’s ever-changing world, the best way to shop for a car is to visit a dealership like Kings Ford and order the exact one you want. Sure, we have plenty of cars, trucks, and SUVs in our inventory, but why settle for what everyone else is buying? You may find a stunning F-150 on our lot, but it doesn’t have the Bang and Olufsen sound system that you’ve been eyeing, or perhaps the new Mustang sitting on our showroom floor isn’t the right color. There’s no reason to settle for less than your dream Ford.

Ordering a new Ford guarantees that you’re getting the Ford of your dreams. It’s also a great way to pay for only the features you want in a vehicle. So, what other benefits come with building a Ford, and why should you shop with Kings Ford?

A black 2021 Ford Expedition King Ranch is shown parked in a field.

Order the Ford of Your Dreams With Us

Perhaps all you can think about is how good a 2021 F-150 Tremor would look sitting in your driveway, but you’re not just thinking of any Tremor. You want the Tremor in Velocity Blue with leather-trimmed seats, the latest infotainment system, and a 360-degree camera that will make your time behind the wheel easier whether you’re towing a trailer or navigating the trail. The problem is that you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our lot or any other lot for that matter. Does this mean you have to settle for less than your dream truck? Not a chance.

Building and ordering a Ford guarantees that you’ll get exactly what you want, but many people don’t know about this option. Custom ordering a vehicle is often the last resort for buyers because we live in a world where even two-day shipping is too long to wait. Instant gratification often forces us to settle for less, especially when we’re shopping for a vehicle. We need and want it now, even if that means not getting precisely what we want.

Surprisingly, car shopping isn’t like this around the world. Dealerships like ours take great care in keeping models in stock that are equipped with the most popular and in-demand features and updates. However, the European car industry is vastly different, and customers are accustomed to building and ordering the vehicle they want. This means that, instead of waiting hours to buy the new vehicle, they’ll happily wait months if it means getting exactly what they want. So, what do they know that we’re just now catching onto? A lot.

Ordering a Ford gives you more control. Let’s say that you find an Expedition on our lot that’s the exact color you want, but it comes with leather seating. You’re not opposed to leather, but it’s not a must-have, and you would like to save that money for something else. Instead of paying more for the Expedition on the lot, you can build and order the Expedition with the exact features you want. This puts you in control over what you’re paying for in your next Ford.

Another benefit to ordering a Ford is that you aren’t pressured into making a quick decision or an impulse buy. Seeing a Mustang sitting on our showroom floor is enough to send your head spinning as you imagine cruising down the open road in the legendary Ford icon. This can lead to an impulse buy – you want it right then and there, even if it’s not exactly what you want. Ordering a Ford requires a little more time and thoughtfulness. You can take the time to build the Ford you want, weigh your options, and financially plan for the investment.

Two people are shown approaching a red 2021 Ford Mustang GT parked in front of a warehouse.

Why Shop With Kings Ford

We want to help you build and order your next Ford, but we know that we’re not the only dealership in town. That’s why we go to great lengths to deliver the best customer experience from the moment you visit our website or drive onto our lot. That experience starts with our commitment to creating a hassle-free environment where we get to know you and what you want and need in a Ford.

Our priority is always you. Our online customers find that our virtual showroom and website are easy to navigate, which means building your next Ford online is as easy as answering a few questions, selecting the packages you want, and submitting your information. If you prefer to shop at our dealership, you’ll find the same process with a personal touch. Our sales team won’t pressure you into a sale or encourage you to shop beyond your budget. Instead, we’re here to listen and help you decide what Ford best suits your needs. If that means test driving a few models on our lot to better understand your build options, then that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Once you order your Ford, the excitement begins. Waiting isn’t always easy, which is why we’re committed to keeping you updated and informed throughout the process. When your vehicle arrives, we’ll roll out the red carpet for you as you finalize the paperwork and prepare to take the Ford of your dreams home. But don’t think our work with you stops there! We’re here to ensure your Ford runs for many miles down the road, thanks to our certified service technicians who can handle all your maintenance and repair needs. There’s no job too big or too small for the Kings Ford team.

A silver 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum is shown driving through a city at night on the way to order a new Ford.

Need Parts? We’ve Got Them!

One of the great things about shopping with Kings Ford is that we recognize that many of our customers like to work on their vehicles themselves. Ordering a Ford is a great way to get the vehicle of your dreams, but there’s a greater sense of satisfaction when you work on the vehicle yourself, whether that means changing the oil or adding accessories. We celebrate our DIY customers and are committed to better serving you by keeping our parts department fully stocked with genuine OEM parts and accessories.

When it comes to parts and accessories for your Ford, you pay for what you get. OEM parts are high quality and are far more durable than their subpar counterparts. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing you’re using only the best, whether it’s an oil filter, spark plug, lift kit, or another part. You’ll even find ordering parts is more convenient thanks to our online ordering form that allows you to order exactly what you need without ever visiting the dealership.

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