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When you think of Ford’s most popular vehicles, the F-series pickup trucks with their best-in-class tow capacity may come to mind, or the Mustang with its leading performance engines that can sear through the racetrack and city streets alike. But actually, the Ford Explorer - a midsize, 4-door SUV - is one of the most popular offerings every year by America’s leading auto brand. While you can get the latest Ford performance and technology from the latest edition, even the older editions have lasting popularity. In fact, ask any Cincinnati Ford Explorer dealer, and they’d tell you that their selection of new Explorers are some of the first to leave the lot.

Why is the Explorer so popular, even used? There’s so much to love about Ford’s most balanced and well-designed SUV, from its outstanding pricing to reliable on-road performance. It’s a staple of the Ford family, and every edition and trim offers something special.

A red and a grey 2021 Ford Explorer are driving on a city street after leaving a Cincinnati Ford Explorer dealer.

The Ford Explorer Belongs in Your Driveway

Explorers are easily some of the most versatile vehicles out there, able to compete with off-road SUVs, roomy vans, powerful trucks, and thrilling-to-drive sedans alike. In fact, the Explorer is one of the most balanced vehicles you can buy because Ford designs it with every type of driver in mind. That’s why a new Ford Explorer should be your next vehicle.

Maybe you’re interested in a spacious and comfortable vehicle for the whole family. You’d be happy to know that the Explorer can comfortably seat up to 7 passengers in its spacious interior. While the Explorer is technically a midsize SUV, every edition is designed to optimize interior space without creating exterior bulk, keeping your vehicle aerodynamic and compact. But for all its midsize styling, you still get ample storage space for all your travel, business, and daily commute needs - including plenty of privacy storage cubbies.

The Ford Explorer also includes a fun and easy-to-use infotainment system. Stream music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more with the touch of a button. Keep the family entertained without fumbling through buttons and sifting through CDs or other supplies, and enjoy other perks like available navigation and Wi-Fi access on some trims.

As for family safety, the Explorer is designed with countless active safety features, including the innovative Ford CoPilot360. Look for this suite of collision-prevention and driver-assist technology that monitors your surroundings to keep you and all passengers safe. Best of all, the Explorer has consistently earned top safety ratings from trusted reviewers like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A mother, daughter, and dog are at the back of a grey 2021 Ford Explorer with an open trunk in a driveway.

As family-friendly as they may be, Explorers are also designed for adventurous thrill-seekers. Not only is the Explorer’s ample cargo space excellent for family travel, it’s ideal for those looking to pack up camping equipment and other supplies. Pull a trailer, sport ATVs, and other equipment thanks to the Explorer’s consistently high tow ratings, capable of pulling thousands of pounds with ease, and take to the open road. Available 4-wheel drive, Terrain Management technology, traction control features, and off-road-capable suspension add up to a vehicle that’s serious on the city streets but knows how to play in the dirt.

Driving performance is nothing to overlook, either. For all its spaciousness, the Explorer has led the pack in on-road performance among midsize SUVs. Look to a new Explorer for highly rated horsepower and torque ratings, multiple powertrain options, smooth transmission, and outstanding handling. Explorers take to cornering well without feeling top-heavy, and the steering feels crisp and responsive, making this SUV surprisingly fun to drive.

You’d be delighted to learn that the Explorer is also one of the most affordable vehicles in the Ford family. Even higher trim packages and add-ons remain affordable, so you can combine the best of cargo space, tow capacity, driving performance, off-road capability, and exterior design features. In other words, whatever you’re looking for in an affordable vehicle, there’s a Ford Explorer for you.

Should You Shop New, Used, or CPO Explorers?

A white 2021 Ford Explorer is driving on a highway past city buildings.

Every Ford Explorer is a vehicle to count on, but how you shop is almost as important as what you’re shopping for. Shopping brand-new from your local Ford dealer, like Kings Ford, is an excellent choice for those who want to customize the Explorer to their exact demands. What with the variety of trim packages, customization tools, and available upgrades to select, you can craft the Explorer to cater to your lifestyle. You also get to take home a vehicle that’s completely factory-fresh with an extended powertrain warranty plan and numerous other quality guarantees.

Shopping used guarantees at least a minor savings, and drivers on a tight budget can find a quality Explorer for a very low price, but be careful where you shop. While independent car sellers may offer rock-bottom prices, buying directly from the previous owner comes with no guarantees. Even a quality vehicle like a Ford Explorer can be a real lemon if it’s been treated poorly or has been involved in a serious accident. When you shop at Kings Ford, you get to explore low-cost vehicles that are guaranteed to last. Nothing goes in our used car lot unless we would drive it ourselves, and a used Explorer in our inventory is always competitively priced.

If you want to find a Ford Explorer and also combine the best of new and used shopping, consider a certified pre-owned (CPO) model. Refurbished, repaired, reviewed, and reduced in price, CPO vehicles are the best-of-the-best of used cars. They’re pre-owned but in such good condition that they’re practically new. That’s because used vehicles can only qualify as CPO if they’re within 6 model years old and have only been driven under 80,000 miles.

These quality trade-ins are so thoroughly vetted and refurbished that they’re practically like-new but at a lower price. In fact, Ford trusts in its CPO vehicles so much that they offer generous warranties on their gently used Explorers, including limited warranties on over 1,000 vehicle components, a 7-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, and a generous automotive service plan. Just be aware that, while CPO vehicles come with warranty coverage, new vehicles have the most comprehensive and longest-lasting coverage plans. Therefore, shopping for a new vehicle offers the best long-term value to you.

Ultimately, whether you decide to shop new, used, or certified pre-owned depends largely on your demands, budget, and what you want out of a Ford Explorer. However, if you want the latest and best technology that Ford has to offer, including innovative powertrain engineering, safety, and infotainment features, always shop for the newest Explorer model. You don’t have to decide what you want right away. Visit Kings Ford to explore our inventory and find the right vehicle for you; we’ll answer any questions you may have about what’s in stock, so you take home the best deal.


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